Why HG


The ownership transition of a business for a business owner can be a stressful time; Huizenga Group understands that and keeps all information and discussions of a potential transaction in the strictest confidence.


Huizenga Group has the experience and the financial capability to quickly complete transactions. Although it is not the standard, under the right conditions, Huizenga Group has closed on transactions in as little as 14 days after the initial meeting.


Huizenga Group has a proven track record of closing on its transactions. Once the group issues a letter of intent, it moves toward a closing. Without the hassle of having to raise capital from external sources, Huizenga Group focuses on deal execution.


Historically, Huizenga Group has been able to build on the foundations that were put in place by the founders of those businesses. The recipe for profitable growth is an equal mix of the best parts of the unique cultures in each of the businesses, Huizenga Group systems and processes along with excellent management teams.
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